Is it time for           a change?
Are you interested in making a change in
your life?
 More income, better health, more
purpose, excitement, fun?  Has much changed
in the past year?...5 years?  Are you moving
towards your dreams?
For things to change, YOU must change!  
Sounds simple...and it is, but it's not.  It's easy to
stay where we are at, but change is exciting,
and new.  Why not give Life Plus a chance to
work for you?  You have so much to gain, and
virtually nothing to lose.
Below are some options to consider:
Many people become Life Plus members just so
they can use our high-quality products.  They
love the ease of ordering from home and the
prompt delivery right to their door.

Others join to use our products and share Life
Plus with a few friends.  They desire to help
others and to create an extra part-time income
for themselves of
$200, $500, or $1,000+ a
.  It helps to pay off bills, save for the new
home, car or vacation, or the kids college

Still others spend more time and effort sharing
the Life Plus story with many people and their
rewards are much greater.  They desire financial
and time freedom and can earn
$5,000...$10,000...$20,000+ a month and
more.  Some people have even become
millionaires!  The potential is
no limits
and their efforts spent in helping others
are greatly rewarded.  

All options are available to you today.  

You are the BOSS and CEO of your own
Health & Wealth Home Business!
The fourth choice is to do nothing.  And nothing
will change...everything stays the same.  Of
course, not everyone will become a Life Plus
member, but Life Plus could help anyone who
will give it a chance.  Thanks for taking a look!  
Whatever you decide...
Best wishes to You!




. . . .
**Note:  Some Life Plus members have
become very successful.  Your income is not
guaranteed but depends on your efforts and
how you have helped others in your
organization.  Everyone has the same