You're so lucky!  Shoji Koya, Japan
"You're so lucky!" was the phrase I heard from
other senior Diamond members in Acapulcco,
Mexico, on my first Diamond trip in 1998.
I joined Lifeplus as an outsider who had no
marketing or direct sales experience
. Back then,
I couldn't understand why I was considered "so
lucky." But now I do. More than 20 years have
passed since I joined, and
thanks to Lifeplus, I
have been enjoying life as I had imagined it
a simple, happy existence with my wife and
daughter. We are always together, and we have
fun every day.

I am lucky because I selected Lifeplus as my
first network business. There are many other
such companies in the world, including more
than 5,000 direct sales companies in Japan
alone. Some of my friends were involved in
those network business companies, but I was
not interested in them at all. When I asked
myself whether I could talk about those
products or business opportunities to my
parents, relatives and precious friends, the
answer was always no. Lifeplus was the only
company I was willing to talk to them about, and
I did so easily and proudly.

Product quality, price, company value and
the risk-free marketing plan are the reasons I
joined Lifeplus
. I had only one concern at the
time: no one had yet succeeded in Japan with
Lifeplus. But I was convinced this was a great
business for many people. Lifeplus had a strong
business reputation, and the product reorder
rate from my friends and family was great. And
indeed, I can now talk with pride about Lifeplus
to anyone.

My motto is to enjoy life as much as possible.
Although medical research and technology
make great advances, we still live only once, and
our time is limited.
When I was running my own
trading and translation services company in my
20's, and was in search of freedom from the
corporate world
, my financial situation improved
as my business grew. But I lost a lot of my
personal time, a dilemma faced by so many
self-employed people. I was looking for a way to
balance my life.
I wanted time for myself and
my family, and financial freedom at the same
time.  Lifeplus was the answer.

Even after we have enough money to live, we
"residual income" to enjoy life. In my 20+
years running a business, I haven't seen any
perfect companies. As Todd Burrier says,
"Humans are not perfect and there is no perfect
business, but Lifeplus is almost perfect." It is a
unique company in this industry. This is why I
am sharing it with people around me.

I keep telling everyone how important it is to
establish royalty income in addition to
time-based income
. It takes time to establish
royalty income. If you tell people this honestly
and help them accept your ideas, they will follow
your example and you can enjoy Lifeplus more,
as a real business.  Lifeplus gives you a
never-ending chance to meet new people and
tell them about this business opportunity. The
prospect list is endless. The key is simply to
keep telling people about Lifeplus.

. . . .