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Founder Bob Lemon told me that our very first
members, Audrey and Norman Rebsamen,
haven't stopped telling people about Lifeplus
since the beginning.(April 2, 1992)  I was very
impressed to hear that. Also, as my upline
support (and great brother and sister), Gary and
Rebecca, explained, we have to teach people
that it takes time to get the real business going,
and that it is importat to be patient. As the
sayings go, "Think globally, act locally," and "Do
the business as A-B-C."

I married Noriko in 1994,
joined Lifeplus in
January 1996 and achieved the Diamond level in
late 1997
. I started working at the business
exclusively in 1998, at the age of 33, and we
have participated in the Diamond Cruise every
year for almost 20 years
. My daughter, Tomoko,
was born in 1997, and my wife and I were very
fortunate to enjoy spending time together at
home, doing housework, helping with Tomoko's
homework and playing together, seeing her grow
as we also grew together.
Noriko   and   Tomoko
Early Years with Bob Lemon
Actually, we can learn much from kids. As
Tomoko once said, "We had a wonderful time at
Walt Disney World and on the cruise again last
month, right?" and then she added, "Yeah, that
was a lot of fun. So what are we going to do
tomorrow?"  Kids don't look back much; they look
ahead to enjoy more fun. So I say, don't look
back, but look ahead to a better tomorrow.
Even sponsoring just one person a month is
great. So keep sponsoring--you will absolutely
see your group grow in a few years.
Time goes quickly. Tomoko will be 20 soon, and
she is now in college. I will soon be 52, and I
enjoy reading, playing softball in a local team
every weekend and cooking with my wife. Of
course, we are living a very healthy life, and
were so fortunate to be introduced to Lifeplus. I
continue to recommend Lifeplus products and
the business to people.
So now I can say to you,
"You're so lucky!"

Shoji Koya, Japan, Diamond

article from In Focus, a Life Plus Publication,
Feb./March 2017
**Note:  The above Life Plus members have
become very successful.  Your income is not
guaranteed but depends on your efforts and
how you have helped others in your
organization.  Everyone has the same
. . . .