Norm & Audrey Rebsamen,
St. Louis, MO
-- After Norm and Audrey Rebsamen's first 9
years, they had personally found about 83 people to
join them in Life Plus.  That's only about
9 people a
year...or less than one a month.
 Of those 83
19 were serious about building a
business and letting others know about Life Plus.

19 people then referred about
300 2nd level people...who then referred about
3,000 3rd level people...who then referred about
30,000 4th level people...and on and on...and on
                      and it's still
             growing larger today!        

NORM says, "I'm just an average guy...barely got
through high school.  But right from our bedroom
office in our home, Life Plus has paid us over
the past 9 years...that's incredible!"  

NORM continues, "My work is my play...and my
play is my work.  I love what I do.  I now have
friends all over the world.
 It's wonderful to know if
anything happens to me at my age(76), Audrey will
continue to get a check."  

NORM encourages others by saying, "This
business isn't always easy to do, but it is simple to
do.  It can happen to anybody!  Keep it simple and
you can be very successful too."

--Norm & Audrey Rebsamen, St. Louis,MO            
**Note:  The above Life Plus members have
become very successful.  Your income is not
guaranteed but depends on your efforts and how
you have helped others in your organization.  
Everyone has the same opportunity.
. . . .