It all started three years

A few months before I started
with Lifeplus,
I was searching
for a different life plan
. I had
just left a very stressful
job in tourism and was
working part-time. Although I
had escaped the stress, the
money was just not enough.
knew I had to reinvent myself,
revelation--I still don't know what it was, but
whatever it was stuck with me.
A few days later, I was invited to a Lifeplus
congress in Denia. By simply experiencing the
atmosphere and meeting people, like my upline
Judith Knapp,
I knew this was for me. She went
through all the business plan details with me
one-on-one. On my own, I would never have
succeeded, but I let myself be guided. I attended all
the meetings and international events, which
helped me to see the importance of personal  
values and principles.

With the help of my team, my upline and family, I
reached Silver after only four months.
What excites
me the most is that there are
no limits with
; I can work internationally and also use my
knowledge of languages with more meaning than
ever before!

Esther Rodgriguez Molina, Gold

excerpt from INFOCUS  (Oct./Nov. issue 2017)
**Note:  The above Life Plus member has
become very successful.  Your income is not
guaranteed but depends on your efforts and
how you have helped others in your
organization.  Everyone has the same
so I focused my search on finding something that
had no pressure, no large investments and gave
some time for me
. I looked at online business
opportunities, and created a personal, but it wasn't
until an acquaintance shared a book with me that I
saw my search summarised in a few pages. It was a
. . . .