Hello. I'm Carole and I live in
Alsace, near Strasbourg.
more than 20 years
, I worked in
events and communications for
a German aeronautical
company. It had its pros and
cons. I got to travel a lot with a
great salary,
but I had no time
there had to be a way to combine economy with
freedom. What use is having one but not the other?

April 2014 was a turning point in my life. I met a
German therapist
who explained the Lifeplus
concept to me where I could combine physical,
social and financial health
. This concept was still
unknown in France. I decided to try the products,
and that's when my Lifeplus story began.

I was skeptical about how things would turn out
considering not many people knew about Lifeplus in
France. But as soon as people noticed the changes
in me, their interest grew. We also had
communications, marketing and logistics support
from Lifeplus executives to develop the French
We currently have a network of 1,800
people sharing goodwill and positive energy.
Always remember to live your dreams and not
dream about your life!

Carole Gassmann, Diamond

excerpt from In Focus, Life Plus publication,
Oct./Nov. 2017
**Note:  The above Life Plus member has
become very successful.  Your income is not
guaranteed but depends on your efforts and
how you have helped others in your
organization.  Everyone has the same
. . . .
for my family and myself.  When I reached 40, I
thought it was time to think about myself and
follow my passion for art. It was extremely
rewarding, but I couldn't support myself
I've always been a free spirit and knew